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Due to continued changes with the USDA and international travel protocols, all international health certificates will need to be requested 60 days in advance. There are no exceptions and we cannot process urgent requests. Any request sent less than 60 days in advance will not be processed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we need ample time to ensure timelines are met with increased restrictions from individual countries as well as the USDA office.

Traveling with your pet can be a big undertaking in your planning process. There are many factors that must be considered before you leave. Where you are traveling to, how you are traveling and what is required are all important components. You will likely need at least one Veterinary Health Certificate form.

We ask that all pet owners do research well before their planned travel to better understand what may be required for their pet to travel. Simply go to the USDA Pet Travel page, pick your destination and review the requirements.

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After reviewing your requirements, please print and send in the completed Health Certificate Request. A team member will review your request, determine which forms and testing are required and contact you to schedule your first appointment. For some travel destinations, specific tests, prevention or vaccination time lines must be adhered to for entry. If your destination requires any of these, a team member will be in touch with you with a detailed timeline. Please note that failure to adhere to the timeline can delay your pet’s paperwork, testing and/or entry into your destination. Since we work with outside labs and offices for paperwork, we can only move as fast as the outside resources move. We also must account for sample travel times, lab processing times and document travel times.

If you miss appointments, do not supply correct paperwork, information etc. we are not responsible for a delay in processing your pet’s travel papers and/or travel arrangements.

Please note if testing is required, we will only draw required samples Mondays-Wednesdays. It can take up to one and a half weeks to receive unofficial results. Your pet will not be allowed to travel without official results which must be mailed to us.

We will also not process health certificates any less than three business days in advance and do not process them at all on Fridays. This is in case changes need to be made to your forms and allows for those to be made. All forms are required to be authorized at the USDA office prior to travel.

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