Vaccines are important for your pets. Vaccines prevent illness, control the spread of disease and help reduce risk of your pet contracting secondary illnesses from exposure.

Puppies and Kittens – Vaccines typically have boosters due to reach full immunity to help offer optimal protection. Each vaccine has a unique vaccine schedule that is recommended by each age marker. We follow vaccine protocols set by the manufacturer and AVMA. This also offers you and your pet additional coverage should something happen and you pet contracts an illness that they had been vaccinated for. The guarantees from the manufacturers are a safety net for your pet.  We also recommend routine fecal exams and dewormings for puppies and kittens. We recommend having two negative fecal exams in a row before we schedule biannual exams.

Adult Dogs and Cats – Vaccines can be on a biannual, annual or every 3 year schedule depending on where your pet is in their vaccine series. Legally in Michigan only Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies. Your pet should also be licensed in your county of residence or risk fees.  Even indoor pets can be at risk. The most common scenario is when a bat gets into the home. Already vaccinated pets will need to be re-vaccinated and monitored.  Unvaccinated pets must follow a quarantine protocol and more that can be discussed with your regular DVM. Other vaccines are offered to suit risk level and life style.

Vaccine reactions – Any dog or cat can have a reaction to a vaccine. Some breeds can be pre-disposed to reactions. Especially small animals will be recommended to have their vaccines spread apart to reduce their risk of reactions. If your pet is showing any signs of issues after receiving their vaccines please call. It is normal for your pet to be a little tired or mildly sore for 24-48 hours. They should not be in extreme pain or lethargic. Any facial swelling, hive, vomiting or diarrhea should be seen immediately by a vet.

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